Our team consists of the best talent
who is motivated to do what's right.

Our footprint

Powerhouse covering all aspects of development.

Our team

A true engineering powerhouse covering all aspects of hardware and software development to create novel clean industrial technology. In addition, we have outsourced engineering companies and science teams, partnered up with technical universities and advisors from industry leaders. Altogether, we have around 20 specialists working continuously to bring our technology and products to the global market.

Karl J Pärtel

Co-Founder, Business

Tel: +372 53731351
E-mail: karl@raiku.co
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Rain Randsberg

Co-Founder, Tech & Author

Tel: +372 55611770
E-mail: rain.randsberg@raiku.co
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Henrik Herranen


Tel: +37255971573
E-mail: henrik.herranen@raiku.co
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Hagar Nakkurt

Operations & Sales

Tel: +37256936620
E-mail: hagar@raiku.co
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Tanel Tommingas

Lead Engineer

E-mail: tanel.tommingas@raiku.co

Raido Õnne


E-mail: raido.onne@raiku.co

Tõnis Jalakas


E-mail: tonis.jalakas@raiku.co

Toomas Juht

Development Engineer

E-mail: toomas.juht@raiku.co

Deryli-Loreen Hint

Marketing & Business Development