Our products are 100% natural & compostable.

Our footprint

One of the lowest footprint
packaging materials in the world!

Our material looks beautiful and is made out of 100% natural wood, hence most often we get asked if we are cutting down forests for our packaging?

On the contrary, our packaging material is actually saving deforestation by 10 times as well as other resources in even larger amounts when we compare our material to the main alternatives on the market such as paper, carton, and plastics.

We are a clean technology startup so it’s crucial that we are transparent regarding our carbon footprint including sourcing of the wood, logistics, energy, water and afterlife. Altogether, we are analysing our footprint with the Life Cycle Analysis assessment (LCA).

For example, compared to of paper and carton we need:

  • 10 times less wood
  • 3000 times less water, we’re talking about millions litres of fresh water
  • 50 times less energy
  • 0 chemicals (instead of ca 50 chemicals)

We need just a fraction of resources compared to current alternatives, our production is clean and our packaging materials are 100% natural, harmless to nature after use.

As a cleantech startup, transparent carbon footprint is our core value proposition for our clients and environment as a whole.

1m3 of wood =
20m3 of Raiku

We can turn 1 mᶟ of wood into 20 mᶟ of packaging material. That’s one of the most efficient raw material uses in the world and means that we only need to use a fraction of wood, as well as that we valorise the wood times higher than competing wood industries.

Low on water & energy

We need super low amounts of water and energy since our technology is radically different to existing solutions. We have removed most of the resource-intensive processes compared to traditional wood related industries.


0 chemicals in the process. That’s right, this material is 100% clean and compostable after use returning to natural cycle. Another positive side of this is that our production itself is totally clean making no harm to our air or soil.