We produce 100% compostable, beautiful and protective packaging to substitute single use plastic packaging.

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RAIKU raises €1.2mln and launches production


Yep, we can come out to play now. The spring is really here after a year of heavy hardware development – we’ve built the team, tech and gotten our products out. Although this startup is life a real emotional rollercoaster then we wanted to officially state that we are on the market and executing our next scale-up steps!

As a background, RAIKU produces beautiful, protective and 100% natural packaging materials. These materials have a super low CO2 footprint to combat our dire situation where 90% of packaging ends up in a landfill or nature (yes, with actual calculations using LCA method). Since we use zero chemicals then our packaging is harmless for nature after use being turned back into nutrients – something that the most of the packaging sector can’t say.

One year is lightning fast in a startup, but here we are with:

  • First products on international markets;
  • Over 1.2mln€ raised in the pre-seed stage;
  • Superior product functionality is proven on the market: Black Friday shipping tests with 0 broken products;
  • 8 in-house engineers covering all sides of industrial technology development. If we include outside engineering companies and university science teams then altogether we have around 20 specialists building our industrial technology;
  • Support network consisting of industry, investors, government, clients, accelerators, universities and research centres!
Piloting with tilk! organic cosmetics – 0 broken items during Black Friday

Massive thanks to our clients, investors, accelerators, and various organisations that are helping us on the way, here’s a list for entrepreneurs to give an idea what a support network looks like! RAIKU-s initial funders include Kaamos, Vestman, Little Green Fund and many private investors from Estonia and Finland. Additionally, we have been funded and supported by these literally awesome public organisations:

From now on, a pinky promise that we’ll be more active in sharing our pilot cases, hardware startup development tips, and news in general – stay tuned, folks!