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Case study with tilk! cosmetics: ZERO broken products on Black Friday


tilk! called us in during their most hectic time of the year – Black Friday! Sending glass jars with minimal packaging can cause broken products, and has previously resulted in returned items.

tilk! is an awarded natural cosmetics company that really focuses on sustainability with both their ingredients as well as packaging. Use of packaging by tilk! so far has been a mix of packaging materials including new silk paper and various leftovers, such as old carton, and other reused packaging materials. The founder of tilk! Pille Lengi saw our material and tested it during the Black Friday. It’s the busiest time of the year for them and there have always been returns due to their minimal packaging approach. Plus of course the fact that delivery quality is not the highest due to sheer quantity of packages that move these days. 

Test results: with 0 broken items tilk! saved on sending out new expensive products, there were less unhappy customers, and the novel sustainable packaging material works very well with the brand of the company.

The science behind it: spring structure is an excellent shock and vibration absorber. Commonly we can see the springs being used in cars, beds, appliances, keyboards and much more. Packaging is a logical choice as well because our shipments travel on bumpy roads and rough seas.

Pille Lengi, the founder of tilk!: “We have used as much as possible our leftovers, but we can see that it’s not enough to protect our products. Also, RAIKU-s springs are funky and coherent with our sustainable brand to provide natural products for our customers”.