We produce 100% compostable, beautiful and protective packaging to substitute single use plastic packaging.

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Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineer

The humble plan is set – to save the world from plastic and composite packaging materials that have a high carbon footprint and afterlife!

We are looking for similar-minded people who are fearless in building new machinery and growing fast!

Previous experience in machine design and building is a must – last or current positions include Senior Mechanical or Mechatronic Engineer, R&D Engineer, Lead Engineer, etc.

Your daily work includes modeling, prototyping, and building novel machinery iterations in our awesome team of 10 engineers, plus outside development partners. We are working in a fast-paced environment out of our regular comfort zone, where one thing is certain – you won’t get bored! Your development work includes prototyping, pilot factory, and full factory phases in a rather short time frame.

Don’t be afraid of the following death by bullet points. We are not looking for a god to tick all the boxes, but you should find yourself more or less comfortable when looking at most topics. 

As we see from our work here, better to try it out than be sorry later.

We are waiting for your interest!


We are looking for someone who:

  • Will work on or develop new innovative machine designs
  • Will perform calculations, analysis, and subcontractor communication
  • Will participate in the procurement of technologies of various levels of complexity
  • Will participate in project management and budgeting

You will cope faster if You: 

  • Are ready to learn new things
  • Are an experienced product development or mechatronic engineer
  • Are excellent at developing new products and technologies
  • Are a team player and have introductory team managing experience
  • Are used to work on complex technologies or high-technologies
  • Have a strong analytical skillset
  • Have ideally a multidisciplinary background
  • Have (hopefully) previous exposure to developing or streamlining factory technology

With us, You will: 

  • Join a fast-paced and dynamic R&D process with a lot of freedom for new technology and production process development
  • Participate in a highly automated Greentech production technology birth
  • Contribute to creating a pioneering factory technology, starting from scratch with novel production machinery
  • Have a unique opportunity to participate in a venture that has a very large positive impact on our environment
  • Join a team that’s collaborative, innovative, and inclusive. 
  • Have a lot of opportunities to grow in the company depending on your interests

Send Your application to work@raiku.co (CV+short background intro) 

Don’t be shy to share this with your network, we have a great vibe!