We produce 100% compostable, beautiful and protective packaging to substitute single use plastic packaging.

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Thanks for the support!

We couldn’t be here without the support by various organisations and wonderful people. We’ve successfully gone through business accelerators, competitions, incubators, as well as gotten state aid that stands beside innovation and sustainable solutions.

Applied Research Programme by Enterprise Estonia

RAIKU Packaging is an innovative green technology startup that produces unique packaging materials and their manufacturing technologies based on its intellectual property. This project leads RAIKU’s product and equipment development up to TRL7 level and aims to reach prototype pilot line and production. Enterprise Estonia supported the project with 428 478,13€. Thank you!

Innovation Grant by Enterprise Estonia

Our second Innovation Grant was aimed to protect the intellectual property of RAIKU Packaging products, machinery, production methods and use cases. As the project outcome we successfully protected the IP. The project aid from Enterprise Estonia and EU was 6000€.

Innovation Grant by Enterprise Estonia

During the project we established collaboration with Tallinn Technical University to develop and build prototype machinery in order to produce our innovative packaging material. We also conducted packaging material tests for its strength, durability and other properties. During the project relevant tests were successfully carried out and first working machines developed. The project aid from Enterprise Estonia and EU was 6000€.